Skin Cancer & Dermatology Center of Southern Oregon

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Expert care for your skin condition

Have your skin condition treated thoroughly.

Get the best treatment from a doctor with a gentle hand

Many conditions can be treated within our office, and there are skin conditions that can be uncomfortable, unsightly, and dangerous.


Rashes, contact dermatitis, and acne are conditions you can have corrected in the office. Let us help restore your skin to its best condition and put you at ease.

It's natural to be nervous when you need a skin condition treated. You'll be at ease with Dr. Trask or Krista Smith PAC, who have the experience necessary, and will give you the most personalized attention possible.


Should you be screened and diagnosed with skin cancer,  your treatments will be thorough and leave you healthy. Expect to be educated about how to best care for your skin, and be much more confident after your care.

Visit Dr. Trask or Krista Smith PAC, who has many years of experience in diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, with a specialty in skin cancer.



See us to diagnose and treat your skin condition.